Doing Best for Your Wood Retaining Wall Project

Elegant astonishing Ipe Fence Custom Concrete Retaining Wall Outdoor for Wood Retaining Wall
Elegant astonishing ipe fence custom concrete retaining wall outdoor for Wood Retaining Wall - image source:

Wood Retaining Wall is not hard to be build if you plan the work carefully. You should consider the length of area that will be covered with the wall first. Drawing the design on your worksheet will help you plan your project better too. Listing all you need in the worksheet for giving you better information what should be prepared and what already been prepared. It will make sure your Wood Retaining Wall Cost is not too high but still provided what you need

Wood Retaining Wall Starting the Work

In starting the Wood Retaining Wall Plans, you should remove the soil first. Clean it from debris or anything that will make your wall not as strong as you planned. Measure the depth of your dig and make sure it deep enough so the wall will be strong enough. If it is necessary, you can also draw the line to mark the area of your Wood Retaining Wall

The next step is preparing the timber. After measuring the area of your ‘will be covered garden’ you will get exact length of timber that you need. Clean the timber first and give them preservative to keep them from rotting. Place them together carefully and nail them well to make sure it won’t be separated. If it is necessary, you can place metal plate to strengthen the timber stack.

Wood Retaining Wall Finishing Steps

After the timbers stack is done, place it carefully in the dug soil you’ve been prepared before. Fill it with the solid soil and make sure it is strong enough. You can also make a hole through the stack as water drainage system so the water will be able to flow through your Wood Retaining Wall. You can make it from rubber or plastic pipe.

After the stack and the water draining system is done, the last job that you must do is filling the wall with top soil. You can fill it with soil layered. After the soil is filled, you can enhance your wood retaining wall look by planting some beautiful flowers. Now your Wood Retaining Wall is ready to enhance your garden look.

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