Types of Sofas; Different Kind of Sleeper Sofas

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Fresh 9 types of couches you should know for Types of Sofas - image source: nonagon.style

Types of Sofas are so various, we tend to get so confused when picking the right sofa for our living room. We have at least about 17 different sofas that we recognize. Of course we won’t go through all those 17 types. We will have a very long article that will bore you, or at least makes you more confused if we do that.

Types of Sofas Based on Shape

And what it is that differentiate all those Types Of Sofas? It is their shape that makes the difference. The shape can be really extreme, from the big sectional sofa that can take up almost the whole room to the simple loveseat that is comfortable and use just a little space in your living room. Or just a matter of the backseat shape or the shape of the arms. There are really so many Types Of Sofas Styles for you to choose from.

Types of Sofa; Different Kind of Sofa Beds

One of the most popular Types of Sofas today is sofa bed or sleeper sofa. When we talk about sofa bed, we refer to the types of sofa that have dual functions. But sofa bed can also be divided to several Types of Sofa Beds. Again, they are differentiated based on their shape. In this section, we will talk about them to help you choose, what kind of sofa bed that suits your style better.

  1. Pull out Sofa Bed. This type of sofa bed is one, which the seat can be pull out into a bed when needed. This one is a good alternative when you are receiving sleep over guests.
  2. The difference of futon from pull out sofa is the part that can change its shape. In futon, it is the back that can be folded or released to form a wide bed.
  3. Is not really suited for guests but great for nap time. This sofa has no back but provide two arms at its ends.

We hope that our explanation about the Types of Sofas can help you pick which type suits you better.

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