Tiled Shower Ideas; Simple and Great Ideas

Inspirational 32 Best Shower Tile Ideas and Designs for 2018 for Tiled Shower Ideas
Inspirational 32 best shower tile ideas and designs for 2018 for Tiled shower ideas - image source: homebnc.com

Tiled shower ideas are great for those who want to have an attractive shower area without having to spend too much money on it. When you can’t afford to buy stones like granite, marble and expensive material, you can play with tiles. With a good planning, tiles can provide a unique and luxury look in your bathroom.

Tiled Shower Ideas; Using Wood in the Bathroom?        

Wood is a warm element that is always nice to have in a house. It is a shame that most of the wood material are not suitable in a humid, if not wet place such as bathrooms. But it is not a bad idea to try to bring some of the wood element to the bathroom. Some people put wood cabinet in the dry area of the bathroom, but wood themed tile might just be the right ceramic tile design for bathrooms. It can be great tiled shower ideas if you use it right.

One of the tiled shower ideas that we found is doing it right. It takes advantage of the versatility of tiles in terms of design. Here, the owner use wood themed tiles to bring the warm of the wood into the bathroom. Using some other tiles as contrasting color, the wood themed tiles really look good in this bathroom. Now, you can take shower in a warm wood surroundings without have to worry about the wood condition in a humid place.

Tiled Shower Ideas; Simple Line Can Make the Difference

Here is another idea of using tiles to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. In this particular bathroom, the blue lining become the key point of the design. Without that thin line, this bathroom will just be another boring bathroom tile ideas. But using the dark blue line to separate the clean white tiles and the light blue painted wall is a really smart tiled shower ideas.

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