Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas; Options of Color Schemes

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Stamped concrete patio ideas can be so various that sometimes it becomes confusing. Concrete is really famous for its versatility, especially in terms of coloring. That is why you’ll find tons of choices when you’re for stamped concrete design ideas. On the bright side, stamped concrete is really good option to personalize your outdoor space, such as patio. The coloring of the concrete can be distinguished by it making process but also by its color schemes. Here, we will discuss the color schemes.

Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas; Nature Inspired Color Schemes

One of the options of concrete coloring is using color schemes that inspired from the nature. Some of stamped concrete patio ideas are using earth-tone colors. Its basic color is usually brown, which is warm and it also really match the color of the nature around it. There are also people who’d like to have their concretes mimic the color of the stones. Probably, this color schemes give off the most natural feeling from you patio.

Another nature inspired color schemes is charcoal gray color schemes. This color schemes have a somewhat darker and colder vibes than the other two, but it can be a nice contrast to your bright green garden. Basically, these nature inspired color schemes are really suitable as stamped concrete patio ideas. They really compliment the color of the environment in a very natural way.

Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas; Artistic Color Schemes

If you don’t want to go with obvious, you can be really creative and use your imagination to plan exterior concrete design. For example, you can play with mutli-color schemes. This exciting option can really push the edge of the use of concrete in the house exterior. With artistic and bold color option, you can be sure your patio will be eye-catching and refreshing. Making some color patterns is also another great option. Really, there is no end to stamped concrete patio ideas, if you are brave enough.

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