Staining Hardwood Floors; How to Stain Like a Pro

Elegant How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Diy Home Improvement Hgtv for Staining Hardwood Floors
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Staining Hardwood Floors looks like a simple job. However, it is quite difficult. The most frequent trouble to stain the hardwood floor is that the contractor uses the different colors from what we expect. Also, the next common mistake is when doing the sanding job. If your sanding is not tidy, the stain will disclose whole mistakes. Be careful to choose a darker stains since it can increase the risk of mistakes. Make sure you are used to do the the sanding job or hire the professional to prevent the mistakes. You also should check the sample from the stain area in the real floor, rather than see it in a tinny example before you decide to buy the stain.

The more dangerous threat on Staining Hardwood Floors is the danger of impulsive burning. Many contractors have known the dreadful stories of customer’s house caught a fire because of clothes which were dripped with the oil stain. So, here we give some steps on How to Stain the Floors in order to prevent you from those problems

Staining Hardwood Floors; Clean the Floors

First step you should do is to make sure that the floor is polished really well. Before that, make sure to remove all furniture. Sweep the floor by clean broom. Second, use the vacuum cleaner to remove all dusts. Before you are doing the finish, you should check the floor wetness before you are Staining Hardwood Floors the floor. You can’t stain before the moisture level returns to normal to get Best Stain for Hardwood Floors.

Staining Hardwood Floors; Dispose the Rags

After the floor becomes dry, stain the floor equally. In this case, we use the rag. For the best result, make sure to walk on the place you have stained when doing the water pop to make sure you don’t smash the scrap on the unspotted floor. If you have finished Staining Hardwood Floors, make sure to dispose the rags properly or you can also dry the rags outside

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