Plywood Flooring Ideas; Paint Your Plywood Floor

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Plywood Flooring Ideas are usually about the finish and stain options of the plywood. If not, some of them will talk about the plywood flooring installation technique. You can even find some DIY (Do It Yourself) installation instruction videos in the internet. But plywood floor doesn’t always have to be plain wood pattern. Here, we give you some creative ideas plywood floors, include painted plywood.

Plywood Flooring Ideas; Painted Floor

Plywood flooring is known for its low price and easy maintenance. Many people prefer it over the easily stained and hard to clean carpet. But the surface of plywood does not really have many varieties. It usually has wood pattern with just slightly different color, from cream to yellow or brown color schemes. It can be boring and too normal for some people. Well, for those who wants unique plywood flooring ideas, you can paint the plywood and draw some pattern over it.

Plywood Flooring Ideas; DIY Painted Plywood with Pattern

With just some simple technic, you can have your unique and interesting plywood floor. All you need to have is plywood floor cleaner, some tape, floor paint, and of course a plywood floor. The basic of these plywood flooring ideas is to draw pattern on your plywood floor, using tape and paint. But first of all, you have to scrub clean your plywood floor, and let them dry for several days.

After the cleaning process, you can start to put tape on the floor. Using this tape, you can draw any pattern you want on the floor. Please make sure that you tape it nicely and don’t let any air bubble under the tape, to avoid paint leak. After putting on the tape, you can start to paint your plywood floor. For a better result, do it twice. Wait for the paint to dry and then carefully take off the all the tapes. You will have a nice pattern on your floor. Here we provide some pictures of painted plywood flooring ideas.

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