Making Your Own Vertical Garden with Pallet Garden Ideas

New Diy Gardening Box Pallet Garden Ideas 768x1024 Bed for Recycled Beds for Pallet Garden Ideas
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Pallet Garden Ideas can be used to modify your garden. You can make your own vertical garden with pallet ideas. To create the vertical garden landscape it requires different growing media. There are many different kinds of planting media that can be used. However, the garden construction of buffer and frame should also be strong. It can be made from wall, pole or wooden iron wire. This article will share about using Wooden Pallet Garden Ideas as the planting media.

Important Things in Making Strong Vertical Garden by Using Pallet Garden Ideas

The construction of buffer should be made as strong as possible so that the garden won’t be easily broken apart. You can use strong wall or iron fence you should make it strong enough to support the pallet weight, as well as the plant and soil weight. The wind factor must also be considered in preparing buffer construction for your own vertical garden landscape with Pallet Garden Ideas.

The planting media in this vertical garden landscape with Pallet Garden Ideas can be some unused pallet. Make sure you choose the right plant to be planted in your pallet media. Some plants won’t be fit to be placed vertical. Consider the type of plants carefully so that your garden will be result in good and healthy plants. You can consider applying Pallet Veggie Garden Ideas too.

If you want plant in a conventional garden, you can water your plants every day with a hose or bucket. However, watering and fertilizing the garden should be done automatically. It can be done by linking each plant with a hose that will drain the water and fertilizer. You can create a reservoir of water that will deliver the water and fertilizer to the roots of your plant.

Lighting Aspect in Pallet Garden Ideas for Vertical Garden Landscape

The weakness from vertical garden is in the terms of sun exposure. Vertical garden will not be able to get full sun from morning to afternoon. It is because it’s in upright position. Thus, the process of photosynthesis in plants also cannot be maximized. However, by using Pallet Garden Ideas as the media for the plants, you can solve this problem by make some holes in the upper part of pallet.

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