Painting Basement Ceiling Can Change the Whole Room

Beautiful Leaving Your Basement Ceiling Exposed and Painting It for Painting Basement Ceiling
Beautiful leaving your basement ceiling exposed and painting it for Painting Basement Ceiling - image source:

Painting Basement Ceiling might be a good way to convert your dark, gloomy and dirty looking basement into a more interesting and useful space. Basement can be more than just a storage place. With the right design, your basement can be a workplace, your children playground, or even a multimedia room that can save you from your neighbor’s complaint over your noisy music or movies. Just with a little work, you can get a nice room to work on.

Painting Basement Ceiling Is not that Troublesome

Since most of the basement ceilings are bare and showing the floor joints, pipe, and cables, people are hesitant to work on it, thinking that it is too much trouble. Well, if you are Painting Basement Ceiling with hand brush, it is indeed tiresome. Those different types of surface: wood, PVC, plastics, and steel can be really troublesome to paint on. Many people suggest to do it with paint sprayer. It will save a LOT of time and energy.

If you go with our suggestion, which is Painting Basement Ceiling with sprayer, make sure you do these things. First of all, do your ceiling before doing anything else. It will be irritating if you have to clean up paints from your finished floor. Second, save yourself from extra cleaning job by covering your walls and floor before painting your ceiling. Spray paint can be a little messy some times.

Painting Basement Ceiling Color Options

About the color option, it is better to use only one color as it makes things easier. We suggest you Painting Basement Ceiling White. It can enhance the whole basement look and makes it brighter. You can see the result in the picture we show you.

Some Painting Basement Ceiling Ideas go with the black color as their option. We are not really fond of this idea. Black color will make your basement look even more dark and gloomy. Then all your effort Painting Basement Ceiling are going to waste since you will end up with no better basement than before.

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