Painted Basement Ceiling with Old Fashioned Vintage Color

Elegant Leaving Your Basement Ceiling Exposed and Painting It for Painted Basement Ceiling
Elegant leaving your basement ceiling exposed and painting it for Painted Basement Ceiling - image source:

Painted Basement Ceiling will be important aspect that influences the quality of your basement. In painting it, you should consider some aspects that will determine the basement atmosphere. The aspect that should be considered is the selection of paint, the color, and the texture.

It is suggested Painted Basement Ceiling using the paint that has high sticking strength. It is because of the position of ceiling are high enough and the paint will drop off from the ceiling. If the paint does not stick strong enough you will lose a lot of paint uselessly. Refer to some Painted Basement Ideas to find out what the best paint that is strong enough for the ceiling.

Painted Basement Ceiling Choosing Colors for Vintage Look

Prepare the vintage paint color that match with your preference. You can choose old green, or cold green. Painted Basement Ceiling Black or White can also show the vintage sense on your basement. Clean the ceiling area to make sure the paint sticks well on your ceiling. If you have plain ceiling you won’t be needed to cover the area that won’t be painted. However, if you have complicated ceiling design, you should be careful in painting it.

You can refer to some paint manufacturer website to understand the color combination composition. Vintage color will be more interesting if you can mix one basic color with another color to make one unique and interesting color.

Painted Basement Ceiling Playing with the Texture

For more creative look, you can mix two or more vintage color to make a color pattern on your basement ceiling. Painted Basement Ceiling with vintage pattern won’t be hard if you have already understood the colors mixture composition. It is suggested not to mix tow opposite colors in making vintage colors pattern

The texture can also be applied not in the whole part of ceiling to make it unique. However, you should be aware that not all color style will be fit if they are combined together. Painted Basement Ceiling with appropriate colors selection will add the quality of your basement as an additional gathering place in your house.

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