Kidney Shaped Pool; Things You Need to Know

Awesome This Trilogy Fiberglass Columbia Model Flat Back Kidney Shaped for Kidney Shaped Pool
Awesome this trilogy fiberglass columbia model flat back kidney shaped for Kidney shaped pool - image source:

Kidney shaped pool is indeed interesting to look at and fun to swim in. The first kidney shaped swimming pool was built in 1948 by the architect Thomas Church. It was photographed and became really popular, even to this point. Nowadays, many people who want to build a swimming pool at their backyard, prefer this kind of unique shape over the serious looking rectangular pool.

Kidney Shaped Pool; Design and Construction

When you are building a swimming pool, there are several thing to consider. First of all, you need to know the size of your backyard and your budget. These things really affect the design of you kidney shaped pool. You need to know what kidney shaped pool sizes will be suitable for you backyard condition and your budget. Basically what we call kidney shaped is a shape of oval with a little indent at one side.

Also the material of the pool: it is between vinyl, fiberglass or concrete. If you are planning to have a kidney shaped pool, we recommend you to use concrete material or maybe vinyl. Fiberglass is a material that is fabricated in factory and delivered as a ready product to the customer, which makes it a little less flexible. This might hinder you, when later you want to renovate your pool. You can’t change its shape.

Kidney Shaped Pool; Concern of Maintenance Problem

The most concern for people who want to have such unique shaped pool is about the maintenance. Isn’t it hard to clean such weird looking pool? How about the pool cover? Is there any cover that will fit this kind of pool perfectly? Well, there’s no need to worry that much. Nowadays, pool cover sellers are providing products for kidney shaped pool cover. If your pool is not the basic kidney shaped pool, some of them even provide the service to make a custom made pool cover just for your pool.


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