Indoor Herb Garden Ideas; Easy and Simple

New 35 Creative Diy Indoor Herbs Garden Ideas Ultimate for Indoor Herb Garden Ideas
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Indoor herb garden ideas have a lot of benefit. There are so many reasons to grow gardens. Maybe you want to homegrown your own fruits and vegetables, you love gardening, you want to teach your children about how to treat plant, etc.. If you want to start growing herb plant in your house, you must start when the season still warm because your plants need sunshine. How to grow herbs indoors? Read the explanation.

Choose Your Plant For Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

There are so many plants that you can plant for your indoor herb garden ideas. This is the list of the plants that you can choose. Dill (a plant that usually used to flavor sauces and fish), marjoram (plant for grilled or sauteed), sage (for simmer in soups, with garlic), thyme (sauces sprinkled on meat and seafood), mint (for making tea), etc. Choose the plants that give you benefit as you want. Next is the explanation for how to plant an herb garden.

Plant Your Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Growing these indoor herb garden ideas is not difficult. You just need some pots (if you want to plant many herbs), some potting soil, and the herb plants. First, put your large, deep plant pot with a small hole in the bottom of the pot. Put a plastic or ceramic tray under the pot to prevent water drops from the pot. Second, fill the pot with soil until 3 inches from the top. Wet the soil and then mix it until the soil evenly wet (mud). Third, dig a hole to put the plant in there. Repeat these 3 ways for another pot and plant.

After you plant the herbs, you must take the pots in the warm place for receive a lot of sunshine. Your plants need enough heat and sun to grow, so take it near the window or hang it near the window. This indoor garden give you benefit, like the use of the herbs, and give you good oxygen for your house’s air. So, take your pot and plant indoor herb garden ideas.

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