How To Furnish A Studio Apartment; Be Smart And Keep Chic

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How to furnish a studio apartment is quite a problematic task. Basically, you only have one room to fill with things that usually takes at least 3 rooms in a normal house: living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Those are just the basics things. If you work at home, then you probably will need work area. The question is: how can you make it all fit in just one small area and still able to make it looks good?

How To Furnish A Studio Apartment; Use Furnitures With Dual-Purpose

Here is some studio apartment design tips. If you want to know how to furnish a studio apartment that have all the basic functions in a house but doesn’t look cramped, you can choose furnitures that have dual purpose. Of course, choose things that will look good together.

Nowadays, it is not hard to find such things: A bed, which can be folded into a sofa for example. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of your bed being used by the guests to sit on, you can also buy a bed, with a storage underneath. A small cabinet that can serve as a coffe table is also a good option. And of course, there is one basic tips on how to furnish a studio apartment: you can always use a nice lean bookshelf to be a room separator.

How To Furnish A Studio Apartment; Light Colors Really Help!

Please note this small apartment tips: rich and dark color tend to make a room look smaller. So, be  careful of overusing them. Try  to focus your color scheme in three colors: two light shades of colors and one dark and rich one as an accent to your room. For example, you can use shades of cream and light blue as the main colors and add some chocolate as an accent. Be smart on choosing furnitures and it’s color and that’s how to furnish a studio apartment.

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