How to Build a Hobbit House; Low Cost and Sustainable House

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How to build a hobbit house has become an interesting quest for some people. If years ago, tree houses were really popular as an option of sustainable way of living, then hobbit house is a recent trend. Since the booming of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit movies, people are getting more attracted to this unique style of house. Some architects and artists started to put an effort and try to build one on their own. Here some of the examples and explanations on how to build a real hobbit house.

How to build a Hobbit House; things you need

Building a hobbit house is not expensive. Most of the materials you’d need can be found in nature. First are the foundation and retaining walls. All you need is mud and stone to build them. Then you can use straw bales as cover for the roof, floor and walls. For the interior, you can use things you found anywhere, like wood scraps, oak thinning, and used windows, and practically anything you find useful. That is the basic materials on how to build a hobbit house.

To build your own hobbit house, you have to use sustainable building material to become more in line with the nature. Instead of using cement, you use lime plaster for the wall interior. It is considered to have lower energy and more breathable. You can put some skylight as light source and solar panel for the electricity. Those are some ideas on how to build a hobbit house sustainably.

How to Build a Hobbit House; Low Cost Building

Hobbit house does not only allows you to live sustainably. It is also a low cost building. Michael Buck managed to build a non-electrified hobbit house and spent only 150 poundsterlings. It is the lowest cost of hobbit house building processes. The more normal hobbit house with electricity costs around 3000 poundsterlings. The downside is you have to get yourself dirty and working with muds, because that is how to build a hobbit house.

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