Applying Hobbit House Plans in Our Garden

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Hobbit House Plans is based on hobbit house model in The Lord of the Ring movie. It is a small house that is round shaped and usually placed close to a big tree or a mound.There are many factories that offer Hobbit House for Sale. However, you must be interested in trying to make it in your garden by yourself. This article will give you step by step guidance on How to Build a Hobbit House.

Hobbit House Plans, Designing the Base

The first step is building the house base. You should dig a big hole as big as the house of your plan. After the hole is ready, you should prepare the house framework. It is supposed to use strong wood or metal because it must support a great amount of weight above it. The next step is preparing the wall for your Hobbit House Plans. You can use stainless steel or wooden plank for the wall.

The next is preparing the roof. You should make it as strong and tight as possibleto prevent the water from leaking through it. You can use iron sheeting that is strengthening by water proof layer tint. After the roof is done, you can make the front door. Make the round door to make it similar with the hobbit house.

Now you already have a well shaped hobbit house. However, it needs to be decorated on its interior and exterior. Cover the house with solid ground and spread some grass seeds there. Wait for the grass to grow around your hobbit house. You can make your Hobbit House Plans more attracted by decorating the exterior with some additional features such as stairs, garden, plants, or sculpture. After the grass is grown up you can continue with the interior.

Hobbit House Plans, Finishing the Interior

You should prepare the electricity installment to make your hobbit house is livable. Add some furniture too. You should be aware that you must add furniture that can fit into the house. After the electricity installment and furniture are arranged your Hobbit House Plans is finished. Enjoy it and live like your favorite hobbit character.

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