Handicap Bathroom Design; Things You Need to Know About It

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Handicap bathroom design is now common thing in a public places such as hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, and many other buildings. It is a way of providing an equal access and environment for disabled people. If you are planning on building a handicap bathroom, there are several things you need to pay attention to. Putting a handicap friendly sign in front of a bathroom without actually providing the needed standards, can lead people into unwanted accident.

Handicap Bathroom Design; Some Basic Requirements

This handicap bathroom design requirement is particularly for wheelchair-bound people. First of all, the bathroom are required to have enough room for the wheelchair movements. In USA, the standard of handicap bathroom design is 5 foot turning radius. The door have to be wide enough for wheelchair to get through easily. It means a minimum 34 inches for the width of the door.

Not only the dimensions of the bathroom, you need to pay attention to the equipment in the bathroom when doing a handicap bathroom design. You have to make sure that there are two support bar on the either side of the toilet. The height of the toilet seat is 17 inches. It is also important to have a clear space under the sink. You will need at least 27 inches of clear room beneath it and the top of the sink is at 32 to 34 inches high. Use an easy to reach faucet to make it all the more user friendly.

Handicap Bathroom Design; Wheelchair Friendly Shower Stall

When designing a handicap bathroom, please make sure that the shower room does not have a curb that will disturb a wheelchair movement. It has to be 3 feet deep and the width is 5 feet so that they can move freely in the shower stall. Make sure that you use hand-held shower. You can use colored grab bars instead of chrome to look more stylish. These are some basic things you need to know when planning a handicap bathroom design.

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