Granite Alternatives Based on Cost Comparison

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Granite Alternatives for the countertops are becoming more and more popular. After being too long on the top of the countertop market, it seems like people are getting tired looking at granite in their kitchen. it is also expensive, which is why people are in search for its alternatives. We take this opportunity to introduce you with several types of countertops based on its cost. We group it into three classifications: expensive, middle range and cheap.

Granite Alternatives; Expensive and Middle Range

At the top of the group, you can find marble. It is one of the granite alternatives that have the same price range with granite. It gives off a luxurious vibe and people use it because of its elegance. Unfortunately, after some time, your beautiful marble will be stained and have some scratch on it, it is not maintained properly.

In this group, there are solid surface and engineered stone countertops. These granite alternatives cost lower than granite and marble but still have some of their qualities, or even better in some aspects. Solid surface is offered in many option of colors and styles, which is good for the overall kitchen design. Just like marble, it scratched easily. Engineered stone is a great granite alternatives. Quartz, for example, it has the look of granite but more durable. And as a plus point, engineered stones come usually with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Granite Alternatives; Cheap Ones

At the bottom of the groups, you’ll find laminate and tile countertop. With these two options, you can still have the stylish kitchen at a minimum cost. Tile are available in the market in tons of options. You can be really creative with it and it’s easy to clean. Laminate countertops can look that similar to the natural stones, like marble or granite itself. The downside is, laminate is they type of granite alternatives that can not resist heat and scratched easily.

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