Galley Kitchen Remodels That Make It Looks Spacious

Luxury Galley Kitchen Ideas You Can Look Kitchen island Ideas You Can Look for Galley Kitchen Remodels
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Galley Kitchen Remodels can be tricky and not really easy to do, considering the small place. Galley kitchen is usually small, with the passage area is only about 4-6 feet. The sink and refrigerator are usually positioned on the opposite side of the oven and stove. Those are the main characteristics of galley kitchen. How to Remodel a Galley Style Kitchen that is already so small and doesn’t have that much room for any addition?

Galley Kitchen Remodels; Choosing Color Scheme

Galley Kitchen Remodels need to be careful when choosing the color scheme. If you are using too much colors, it might look cheerful and bright but colorful color schemes are actually working against you when used in a small space. You can try to use monochromatic color scheme to create a spacious feeling to you galley kitchen. Don’t use contrast colors between the cabinetry and walls.

Galley Kitchen Remodels; Some Design Tweaks

Besides of color scheme, you can also do some tweaks to your kitchen design to make your kitchen looks more spacious. Here are some Ideas for Galley Style Kitchen. Some Galley Kitchen Remodels get rid of the closed shelves and replace them with open shelves. Just like what you can see in the picture, using open shelves make the upper part of the kitchen looks roomier and still functional. You can also safe your head from hitting to the shelf door when opened.

Another simple thing that can help your galley kitchen is adding a window to it. A wide window will invite natural light and linked the kitchen with the view outside. If it is not possible for you to link your kitchen with the outside view, you can also make a pass through window between your kitchen and the dining room. These kinds of Galley Kitchen Remodels are pretty simple, but really useful to upgrade your small kitchen into a more comfortable place to cook in.

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