Futuristic Homes for the Better Lives in the Future

New Edgeland Residence A Futuristic House with A Smart Pool for Futuristic Homes
New edgeland residence a futuristic house with a smart pool for Futuristic homes - image source: www.10stunninghomes.com

Futuristic homes have been designed by many architects. They can predict what kind of homes which are appropriate for people in the near future, at least in the next 5 – 10 years. The climate change, political issues, population growth, and geographical movements are the aspects of what to consider in designing future home. The future homes mostly have non-conventional look. These are some examples of unique future homes.

Futuristic Homes Inspired by Trees

In the future, scientists predict that trees and other plants are rarely found. People keep cutting the trees due to be used as production materials. This futuristic home concept which is inspired by tree is a great idea of keeping trees. It is one of the greatest ideas for futuristic homes. It is designed by Konrad Wojcik. It is supported by one single base point with a pine-like shape house on the top of it, the building really looks like a tree. This house is provided with solar panels that can power the electricity to the whole house and can be used to other necessities. The architect designed this house to reshape the forest-like area in the future.

Futuristic Homes with Ring Design

The Ring House & Atelier (name of the house) is designed by Marwan Zgheib. This is one of the best unique futuristic homes which is designed to maximize the all the space in the house. The interior consists of a bathroom, a bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen. In the outside of the house, there is a spacy are which allows the residents to do outdoor activities. The space and the circular shape make it so calming. This futuristic eco house is very simple and heartily. You can feel fresh air in every single part of the house.

Those future homes are designed to give easiness and better living experience to the residence. In the future, people need something which is simple but functional. In addition, those homes are also eco-friendly. Due to the climate change, architect design a house which is less-energy. Hopefully there will be more great architects coming with the ideas of futuristic homes.

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