Exterior House Paint Schemes Are Not Always About The Paint

Unique Images About Exterior Paint Schemes with House Color Combinations for Exterior House Paint Schemes
Unique images about exterior paint schemes with house color combinations for Exterior House Paint Schemes - image source: savwi.com

Exterior House Paint Schemes are important part in the house design. If a house is a book, then the exterior is the cover of the book. I know there are many people who say, “don’t judge the book by it’s cover” but still, the cover plays an important role, as to give a first impression to the reader. The exterior of the house also has the same role. It gives the first impression to anyone visiting your house or even for those who just pass by it.

When making a plan of exterior house paint schemes, many people are too preoccupied with the choice of paint colors, which brand of the paint is the best and wheaterproof, and things like that. But when all you have is a plain wall to paint on, it can be boring in no time. Here, we will provide you with some exterior house paint ideas photos that go beyond those things.

Exterior House Paint Schemes Using Bricks As Accent

If you are renovating your house or building a new one, it is good to consider using the basic materials as a base to your exterior house paint schemes. Here is some exterior paint ideas with bricks. With careful placement and consideration of it’s color, size and shapes, those bricks can really be a nice color accent to your house. Then, choose the paint color of the rest of the exterior part, that will enhance the color of the bricks.

Exterior House Paint Schemes; Material Alternatives

Another material that can be used as your base for exterior color schemes is wood. In that picture, the warm color of the wood and the cold and stern feeling from the steel grey paint bring a really good balance to the house. Of couse, bricks and wood are not the only materials that you can play with. For example, some people use granite or steel as accent to their exterior house paint schemes.

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