Dutch Colonial Homes Look Inside Out

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Dutch Colonial Homes or Dutch colonial revival houses, are also known as barn house. It is called like that, because it has some similarity with a barn, in term of exterior look. But don’t get it wrong. Dutch Colonial houses are not dark and filthy as how barn usually is. On the contrary, these houses usually bright and airy because of its design. We will come to that in detail, later in this article. Here we have some Dutch colonial house pictures as inspiration.

Dutch Colonial Homes; a Closer Look at Its Exterior Design

Dutch colonial homes is an architectural style inspired from the houses of Netherlands colony in early time of American colony. The gambrel roof is the ultimate Dutch colonial architecture characteristic. In some designs, the roof has flared eaves, which make it more beautiful. It usually has symmetric façade, but you can find some with side door and a somehow balanced asymmetry.

Dutch colonial homes are usually built with wood clapboard wall. There are also some of the houses that have brick, shingle or stone wall. If there is overhanging eaves, usually you can find a porch under them, and at full length of the house at that side it is. It is also common to see a chimney with gable-end in this architectural style. At the either side of the chimney, they usually have decorative windows.

Dutch Colonial Homes; the Interior Characteristic

This house style is usually built with so many windows. You can find up lines of windows using up the whole side of a wall, in this particular style. The have six-over-six, or six-over-one style of multi-light windows. Some even has eight-over-eight windows and this affected the interior of the house. These houses usually have enough natural light and airy, making them really comfortable to live in. So, even though it has a barnlike exterior, the Dutch colonial homes are far from barn in term of how the interior looks like.

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