DIY Retaining Wall is Easy

New Elegant Low Cost Retaining Wall Ideas Home Design Ideas for Diy Retaining Wall
New elegant low cost retaining wall ideas home design ideas for DIY Retaining Wall - image source:

DIY Retaining Wall is how making a strong building for maintaining ground because they have different level of the ground. The key of building retaining wall is to be strong, but you still can make a retaining wall for your garden attractive. This project is about to find out the rule how to make retaining wall. The next step, you must find out your own DIY Retaining Wall Ideas.

The First Step DIY Retaining Wall

This is how to make a DIY Retaining Wall. First, you must survey the location for your retaining wall in the garden. Measure your site to determine how many materials that you need to build this retaining wall. Then, choose the material that you want to use for building the retaining wall. You can use fascinating color to make your garden attractive. Next, make the design of your retaining wall as you like. If you feel that the retaining block is too high, you can divide it into two block wall. This will make you easier and saver when you want to go up and down from the retaining wall.

The Last Step DIY Retaining Wall

Now, this is the time for building DIY Retaining Wall. You must build the foundation minimum 15cm. The foundation width must twice from the wall width. Next, the wall must be placed in the center of the foundation. After that, think about the drainage system. Make your DIY Retaining Drainage. You can make it under the wall with a PVC tube to send out the water.

It is easy to make a retaining wall for your garden, isn’t it? You do not have to spend your money to the professional to build this retaining wall if you can build it by yourself. Make your garden attractive with DIY Retaining Wall by yourself can make you feel proud of yourself.

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