Creative Ways to Make Your Own DIY Nightstand

Luxury Diy Nightstand From An Old Wine Crate Pillar Box Blue for Diy Nightstand
Luxury diy nightstand from an old wine crate pillar box blue for DIY Nightstand - image source:

DIY Nightstand tutorial will be a help for you whose great creativity and inspiration in making your own furniture. The article will provide you the steps required to make your own unique nightstand. All you need is a list of required materials and an outstanding creativity.

DIY Nightstand, Making Concept and Plan

Before starting the DIY Nightstand project, you should list all the material required for your work. Measure the length and size of your nightstand design. Calculate how much wood you will need for it. Prepare the desired paint and finishing decoration. You work will be easier if you draw the concept in a blueprint and take some notes about what materials required in your DIY Nightstand Plans.

By making a good concept and plan, you will get low cost nightstand but as attractive as high cost product. It will be your stand’s additional value that will make you proud of it. You can also consult to a carpenter for some useful information about the design and concept. After the plan is ready you can start the work.

DIY Nightstand, Starting the Project

Cut the wood precisely according the DIY Nightstand design on your blueprint. Clean the cut to make sure it will be safe and ready to be polished. Joint them by sticking glue or strong nail. Install knob and drawer to the stand. Make sure the knob is comfy enough to be held. After the shape of your nightstand is done, try to decorate it with some attractive decoration. Refer to some DIY Nightstand Makeover to aid you in finding the inspiration.

The next step is giving your DIY Nightstand an interesting color. Paint it with a wooden paint or cover it with colorful wallpaper. Make sure it does not stain the area that need not to be painted. If it is necessary, cover it with protection paint to keep the color shiny. After the paint is dry you can clean it and add some decoration on it.

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