DIY Loft Bed Plans; Get Creative in Your Bedroom Design

New Build A Loft Bed Blackdecker for Diy Loft Bed Plans
New build a loft bed blackdecker for DIY Loft Bed Plans - image source:

DIY Loft Bed Plans are really useful for people who have small bed rooms. Using loft bed allow them to have some extra space under their bed. Most of the times, the space becomes storage space. But in case of children bedrooms, sometimes it becomes they mini playground. If you are living in a studio apartment, loft bed might your solution to get more space. But please note that loft beds are not really suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

DIY Loft Bed Plans; Hang It from the Ceiling

One of the Loft Bed Project that we will talk about is one that doesn’t use any construction under the bed to support it. Instead, these DIY Loft Bed Plans hang their bed from the ceiling. It is better if you also attach your bed to the walls, instead of just depending on the ceiling’s support. Screw your bed to the walls to make it more secure and not to wobbly when you are sleeping on it.

DIY Loft Bed Plans; Creative Use of the Space under the Bed

It is true that you can buy loft bed at the furniture stores, but it will cost you a lot and you won’t get too much option. Meanwhile, if you Build Your Own Loft Bed, you can get a loft bed that answer your needs and still able to save some money. DIY Loft Bed Plans can get really creative in design and functionality. Whether you want have a simple loft bed, a storage space under it or an indoor camping site for your kids, it is up to you.

In the pictures you can see some loft bed ideas. You can turn the space under a simple loft bed into a work space, providing book shelves, small cabinets and even a nice L-desk. Or a double stairs that can be used as a bookshelf at one side and a closet storage underneath the bed. There is also this one room length loft bed in a child bedroom. With some curtains, this kind of DIY Loft Bed Plans become your child’s favorite hideout.


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