DIY L Shaped Desk; Make Do with Unused Furniture

Awesome Desk L Shaped Desk with Filing Cabinet Intrigue Office Desk for Diy L Shaped Desk
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DIY L shaped desk is a way to get a nice work place in your home without having to spend too much money. Most of L-shaped desks in the market now cost more than $1,000 which is for most people considered too pricy for a home office. If you want to save money and still get some great item, you can make one from build your own desk plans.

DIY L Shaped Desk; Use the Old Furniture

How to make your own desk? If you have an old desk, that now is too small for you to work with or probably some old hutch that goes out of style, you can use it for your DIY L shaped desk. What you need is some wood trim, circular saw, nail gun, hammer, paint and for the work surface, the MDF. For the table base you can also use some scrap woods.

DIY L Shaped Desk; Step by Step Instruction.

The old furniture will be the base of your new DIY L shaped desk. You can rip apart the part that was too old or things that do not suits your style and replace them with a simple sleek wood trim. Cut the MDF into two rectangular pieces. One is long piece, overlapping with some part of the old furniture surface. And one is the smaller piece that cover the rest of the furniture surface. Attach those MDF to the old furniture with nail gun.

Now you have an L shaped desk, but without the table leg on the one side. We can easily fix that.  You can use scrap woods, sand them and nail them together into the height of the desk and nail it to the desk. Or you can pile together two cut of wood trim into one desk leg. Make two of those and attach them to the desk to make sure you have strong desk. Now, all you need to do is painting your new DIY L shaped desk to your taste.

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