Desert Landscaping Ideas; It Is Not Only About Plants

Lovely Desert Landscaping Ideas for Desert Landscaping Ideas
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Desert landscaping ideas are some interesting ways to decorate your garden or backyard. Well, some people might get it wrong the first time they hear the term “desert garden”. It is not all about yellow dry sand without life. When we talk about desert garden, we want you to think about a beautiful oasis that full of life and greenery.

If you are living in a desert area, you don’t have to conform to the usual look of the sandy, dry and lifeless area that people think. With careful preparation and a little extra care, you also can have a thriving and vibrant garden. Here we will talk about how to make your Desert Landscaping Ideas a success.

Desert Landscaping Ideas; Soil Test is Important

Before you start looking for Backyard Desert Landscaping Ideas, it is important for you to do a test of the soil from your back yard. It is not a complicated thing to do. You can perform this tests online or go to a nearby gardening store. This test is important to determine your backyard condition, which nutrients are available in your soil and what it is lacking.

In the desert area, it’s usually lacking some natural nutrients and you will need to get a soil supplements. You go to your local nursery, bring the soil test result and they will help giving you some Desert Landscaping Tips, like which supplement your soil need. After having your backyard ready, you can move on your Desert Landscaping Ideas.

Desert Landscaping Ideas; How to Irrigate Your Garden?

After you get the nutrient problem in check, now it is time to talk about how to get your plants watered. Do note that desert plants cannot stand too much watering. It will cause their root to rot and die. So you have to be careful with your irrigation system. Use drip irrigation, a system that let you save water and control the amount of water you give to your plant. Your Desert Landscaping Ideas are more efficient if you group your plants based on its irrigation needs.

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