Cream Colored Kitchen Cabinets with Contrasting Color

Lovely Tile Countertops Cream Colored Kitchen Cabinets Lighting Flooring for Cream Colored Kitchen Cabinets
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Cream colored kitchen cabinets is such a classic option. Cream is a color that easy to work with in fashion, exterior design or interior design. It is a flexible color, which works well with almost any color. Using cream in your kitchen design might be a safe way to go, but the result can be really boring if you are not careful enough. The key point of using cream in a color schemes is using color combination.

A good contrasting color is just what we need when using cream colored kitchen cabinets. But just using any color combination won’t always work. You need to pay attention to the proportion of the color, where to put the contrast color, and things like that. Here, some pictures of cream colored kitchen cabinets combined with some contrasting color. Some of them work perfectly together, some might make us frown while looking at it.

Cream Colored Kitchen Cabinets; Fail Color Combination

One of the fail color combination is the picture of kitchen with three color combination: cream colored kitchen cabinets, dark Brown Island and a side of grey cabinets. The grey part really ruin the harmony between cream and brown. There is also a kitchen, which fail in the choice of floor tile. It has a nice color scheme, but the pattern of the tile is just not good enough. And there is also an example where too much cream can be boring and plain.

Cream Colored Kitchen Cabinets; Great Color Combination

The first successful color combination is one with a dark granite countertops all around the kitchen. The cream color really enhances the dark granite and make it stands out. And there is also this one kitchen who has an espresso island in the middle of cream surroundings. Cream colored kitchen cabinets dark island is a really great combination. They complement each other. And at the end, we can see how these cream colored kitchen cabinets look really good with some green color splash on the wall.

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