Countertop Types; Stone Materials and Its Alternatives

Lovely Guide to Kitchen Countertop Materials with Guide to Kitchen for Countertop Types
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Countertop types are various and you can choose anything depend on you budget, the theme of your kitchen design, the quality of the product, sustainability, or just based on your personal preference. Here, we will provide you with some countertop types and cost to help you decide. It is important for you to choose carefully, which types of countertop material you will use in your kitchen, since it is durable and will be on your kitchen for a long time.

Countertop Types; Stone and Synthetic Stone Material

This group of material is the most common in the countertop market. These countertop types include granite, marble, soapstone, quartz, and limestone. This group of material are usually have a luxury vibe to it, which is why people are so attracted to them. Not all the type of the stone are actually durable enough for countertop, some of them require high maintenance to keep up the good look. The best out of them are quartz, which is actually synthetic stone. These countertop materials are pricy, which cost $2,240 to $5,600.

Countertop Types; Stone Alternatives

If you don’t want to be in the mainstream, there are several material alternatives that you can use as countertop. At the top of the list, which means the most expensive countertop types, is recycled glass. It can stand heat, cut, and doesn’t easily scratched. If you are a go green person, this material really suits your style. But, it costs $3,360 to $6,720 to get this high quality countertop.

Don’t be sad. There are also some alternatives that won’t rend your wallet empty. They are laminate and solid surfacing. Because of the improvement in technology, laminate can now resist heat and stains, but it’s still cut easily. Solid surfacing also have the same problem with a better heat and stain resistance. Laminate costs $560 to 2,240 US dollars, while solid surfacing $1,960 to $5,600. These two are synthetic countertop types that can mimic the look of stone materials.

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