Decorating It Yourself, Cool Teen Bedroom

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Cool Teen Bedroom will be a place where your beloved son and daughter feel free in expressing their identity. Teenagers have thousands of kinds of desires. They also want to have a personal place because teenagers tend to be independent. Sometimes, teenager expressed their character by their preference in their room color. This article will give you an inspiring Cool Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

Cool Teen Bedroom, Expressing Identity with Colors

To make a colorful design teen bedroom, combine the colors for the interior. You can mix some neutral colors with striking colors, or perhaps a combination of various colors except the basic colors. In working the Cool Teen Bedroom color, you can also choose other alternatives such as using colored wallpaper with a specific pattern that can create visual interest in a room.

You can customize the colors and patterns and match with the variety of Teen Bedroom Furniture in the room. You should better choose furniture that is more simple and modern. If you are creative enough, you can use wallpaper or wrapping paper from old newspapers to make your unique Cool Teen Bedroom.

Cool Teen Bedroom, Installing Creative Wallpaper

To make your creative wallpaper, measure the wall area that will be coated with wrapping paper. After measured it, we can prepare the paper size.Connect the wrapping paper and paste it to the wall. In connecting the wrapping paper, it should be equal so that it would not be exposed too much. Use double-sided tape along the edge of the wrapping paper to avoid damaging the walls.

The weakness of the wallpaper from wrapping paper is its strength.It is also can easily damaged if exposed to water. It is because the price of wrapping paper is quite low compared to the regular wallpaper. However, it is a simple and creative alternative to make a Cool Teen Bedroom for your son or daughter.

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