Planning the Best Chair Rail Ideas for Your House

Unique Kitchen Chair Rail Ideas Inspirational 7 Wainscoting Styles to for Chair Rail Ideas
Unique kitchen chair rail ideas inspirational 7 wainscoting styles to for Chair Rail Ideas - image source:

Chair Rail Ideas should be applied carefully to avoid out of proportion mistake. It is supposed to a nice artistic touch in your house, but you should consider some aspects in placing this rail into your house. The tips should help you more in getting the rail into your house.

Applying Chair Rail Ideas into Your House

In applying Chair Rail Ideas, you should carefully consider the heights of your rail. It should be placed at one-third distance of the ceiling heights. It seems that placing the correct height is the common mistake in applying rail on the wall. Most of people usually place it too high. It is suggested that place it lower is better than higher proportional standard.Chair rail materials are varied, such aspolymers, vinyl and metal. The cost itself depends on the complexity of design and the type of the materials.

In applying Chair Rail Design Ideas, you should never cut the chair rail at the window or door casings. Make sure you butt cut the rail. The great addition that you should consider is installing a back band because it can terminate the deep rail profiles. If you installing rails on the staircase make sure you install skirt boards on the steps too even though there is only one riser on it.

Adding Color to Your Wall with Chair Rail Ideas

Before applying Chair Rail Paint Ideas on your wall, you should paint your wall carefully first. Protect your rail with tape to avoid it from stain. Wait until the paint is dry before removing the tape from the rail. Remove the tape carefully to avoid damaging the newly dried paint. Do it carefully and accurately and your Chair Rail Ideas will turns to be great result.

One common design when applying Chair Rail Ideas as color scheme of your wall is to paint the upper and lower part of your wall with the similar color. To strengthen the look, you can paint the rail in the different color. It will provide depth visual quality to the room and can make it looked bigger.

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