Brick Fireplace Makeover That Look Awesome

New 25 Best Ideas About How to Whitewash Brick On Pinterest for Brick Fireplace Makeover
New 25 best ideas about how to whitewash brick on pinterest for Brick fireplace makeover - image source:

Brick fireplace makeover can a bit of headache. Having a brick fireplace sometimes does not really suit our lifestyle and the overall interior design in our house. Some people even went all the way and decided to cover up the fireplace into a plain wall to save them from the trouble of decorating it. But here, we provide you some Brick Fireplace Makeover before and after photos, to show you that brick fireplace can be awesome too.

Brick Fireplace Makeover; It Doesn’t Always Have to be Red

For the first example, we pick a whole wall of Red Brick Fireplace Makeover. In the before photo, you can see how gloomy and dirty the wall looks like. Then, the owner of the house decided to get rid of that gloomy and dirty look without losing the uniqueness of the brick wall. What we get after the Brick Fireplace Makeover is a bright white room that still maintains the unique look of the bricks. The additions of the stainless steel make the whole look more modern and clean.

Brick Fireplace Makeover; Classic Is Never Out of Style

The second inspiring Brick Fireplace Makeover starts from this horribly out of place brick fireplace. As you can see, the red brick fireplace is still in a good condition and looks good on its own. But when it is seen as part of this room, it doesn’t really work together. The red color of the brick does not match with the dark cream color of the walls, more over with the grey carpet.

After the makeover, the look of the whole room changed drastically. The whole wall is painted white and they added some details that brings you back to the classic Greek style with those white pillars. The fireplace itself still maintains its red brick details, which goes well with the classic theme. To complete this Brick Fireplace Makeover, the grey carpet was substituted with this awesome wood floor.

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