Blue Flower Granite; a Beauty from Brazil

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Blue Flower Granite is a type of granite that has blue, white and brown color combinations. Just like any other granites, this type is also vary in the colors combinations but still have the same basic characteristic. The brown and white colors are more dominant in this granite, but the blue color still shine through and can be recognize, even from a far. This granite comes from the quarry of Espirito Santo in Brazil.

Blue Flower Granite Color Combinations

The basic of this granite is white colored bedrock with some dark minerals. This dark material, which made up the brown part, can have very different shade in each piece of granite. Some of the Blue Flower Granite has very dominant dark, almost black, brown shade, While some of them is pretty light color and not as dominant as the white colors.

As for the blue color itself, the average of the blue mineral in each granite is about 15%. It actually can vary from 5-20% in each Blue Flower Granite. Most of them have a pastel blue colors, but you can also find ones that has darker blue tone to them. The blue color will shine more in a room with good light. The brighter the room is, the more beautiful the granite is. That’s why Blue Flower Granite White Cabinets are the best combination in kitchen.

Blue Flower Granite; Premium Granite

Because of its beautiful color combinations and the eye catching blue shade this type of granite comes with high price. A 3 cm thick Blue Flower Granite Price is around 60 to 70 US Dollars per square foot. It is indeed a premium granite that not easy to acquire. You also have to take to consideration that this granite only come from one particular area in the world. Whenever you see a Blue Flower Granite countertop, you have to remember that they were brought all the way from Brazil.

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