Alternatives To Granite Countertops; One Of A Kind Countertop

Best Of 5 Alternatives to Granite Countertops Infobarrel Granite for Alternatives to Granite Countertops
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Alternatives to granite countertops are now becoming more popular. Other than granite, there are many option of stones out there in the market, which are suitable as kitchen countertops material. You can use marble, quartz, soapstone, and many other type of stone as alternatives.

Alternatives To Granite Countertops; Why Not Granite?

It is understable, considering how granite countertops have been dominating the kitchen design trend for quite some time now. People are starting to get bored of it and trying to find some new exciting alternatives for their kitchen.

Another reason, why people are looking for alternatives to granite countertops, is because of the limited used of granite in the kitchen designs. Most of granites use mirror finish, which is so shiny that it tends to steal the spotlight from other parts of the kitchen. It is hard to make granite look subtle, so it’s not always compatible with the kitchen design and condition.

Alternatives To Granite Countertops; Design Your Own

If you really want to have your own personal countertop that is one of a kind type, you can use concrete. Concrete is a rising star in the countertop market as one of the best alternatives to granite countertops. It is a solid surface countertops that is strong and durable. But the best thing about using concrete is its versatility. A concrete is a synthetic material, so we can interfere with its production process and add aggregate that suits our taste and need.

The good news does not stop there. Concrete’s versatility does not restricted to the addition of the aggregate. When handled by a great artist, a concrete can have any shape and finish you can imagine. Of course, with all these options at your hand, you can have a one of a kind countertop that suits your taste perfectly. As you can see concrete easily be your first choice when you’re looking for alternatives to granite countertops.

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